🎮Basic Control

In Enhanced Ragnarok, you'll navigate through the enchanting world and interact with various elements using your mouse. Here's how you can master your controls:

Moving Around: Click on any spot to head towards it or hold down the left button for ongoing movement. However, if a spot isn't highlighted or appears red, you won't be able to reach it.

Camera Control:

  • To alter your side view, press and hold the right mouse button until your cursor transforms into curved arrows. By moving your mouse left or right while pressing, you can rotate the camera around your character.

  • Zoom in or out by scrolling your mouse wheel. Alternatively, press Ctrl and the right mouse button together, then move your mouse.

  • Adjust the camera's height by holding Shift and moving your mouse or wheel up and down. For a lower view, press Ctrl and Shift together while adjusting.

  • To return to the default view, double right-click quickly. For resetting camera position, hold Shift and double right-click.

Interacting with Characters: Right-clicking on another character brings up a menu with different actions you can choose from. Some options are only available under specific conditions.

Understanding Items/Skills: Detailed information about a particular item or skill can be accessed by right-clicking on it.

Drag-and-Drop: This feature lets you equip items, transfer items to a trade or storage window, or discard items for others to pick up. You can also place skills in the shortcut bar. Note that this might be blocked if your equipment window is open.

Auto-Follow: Press Shift and right-click on a player to follow them automatically. This will continue until you initiate an attack or use a targeted skill. Ensure /noctrl and /noshift are disabled for this to work.

Sharing Item Descriptions: Press Shift and left-click on an item to send its clickable link to the chat window, allowing others to view its details.

Transferring Items: Press Alt and right-click an item to move it to an active storage, cart, or trade window.

Identifying Items: Press Ctrl and right-click on an unidentified item to discover its identity, given that you have a Magnifier in your inventory.

In-Game Commands: Several commands can be used to enhance your gameplay. They include /noctrl or /nc for continuous attacks with a single click, /noshift or /ns to target monsters or players without pressing Shift, /invite to invite players to your party, /where to show your location, and /savechat to save your chat, among others.

Communicating: Chat by typing in the chat window and pressing Enter. You can also send private messages, party messages, or guild messages by typing the respective prefix or using certain key combinations.

Interacting with Others: Right-click on a character to interact with them. You can view their equipment, invite them to your party or guild, chat privately, add them as a friend, block them, or even send them a mail.

Engaging with NPCs: NPCs (non-player characters) are programmed characters you can interact with by left-clicking on them. They include town guards, Kafra Workers who offer various services, and many others essential to your Ragnarok Online experience.

Notable In-Game Commands:

  • /organize: Helps you form a party. You need to have a job level of at least 7 to organize a party.

  • /leave: Lets you exit a party.

  • /quake: Enables or disables screen shaking effects.

  • /effect: Turns on/off animation effects from all skills.

  • /mineffect: Turns on/off minimal effects from all skills.

  • /exall: Blocks all private messages.

  • /inall: Clears your blocked list.

  • /aura2: Turns off aura effect for level 99.

  • /aura: Turns on aura effect for level 99.

  • /emblem: Toggles the display of guild emblem.

  • /guild: Creates a guild named [guildname]. An Emperium is required in the creator's inventory.

  • /breakguild "Guild Name": Disbands a guild. Can only be used by the guild master, and all members must be expelled first.

  • /blacksmith: Shows the top 10 forging/upgrading Blacksmiths in the server.

  • /pk: Shows the top 10 slayers in the server.

Communicating with Others:

  • To talk, just type in the chat window and press Enter. Everyone within a certain range will be able to see your message. If you have Battle mode on, you'll need to press Enter before you can chat.

  • To send a message to your party only, type % before the message or press Ctrl + Enter.

  • To send a message to your guild only, type $ or /gc before the message or press Alt + Enter.

  • To send a private message (PM) to another player, enter their character name into the small box on the left side of the chat window.

Interacting with NPCs:

  • NPCs (non-player characters) are in-game characters that have been programmed into the game. To interact with an NPC, simply left-click on them. Note that not all NPCs will engage in a conversation.

  • Town Guards: These NPCs serve as guides and can provide information about important places in the town.

  • Kafra Workers: These essential NPCs provide various services such as access to storage, cart rentals, instant travel to other cities, and saving points.

Remember, Enhanced Ragnarok: Beyond Classic is designed to provide you with a unique gaming experience. These controls and commands are crucial to fully immerse yourself in the world of Ragnarok. Enjoy the journey and happy gaming!

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