đŸ’ŧJob Classes

Ragnarok Online presents a complex variety of job classes, each one possessing a distinct set of skills and abilities. The progression of these jobs allows players to adapt their gameplay to fit their preferred roles. Here's a look at the 2-2 Transcendent classes, which are upgraded versions of the 2-2 job classes:

  1. High Priest (Acolyte > Priest > High Priest): High Priests are the ultimate healers and supporters in the game, with improved healing skills and the ability to prevent statuses. They also gain Highness Heal, which is a significantly powerful healing ability.

  2. Champion (Acolyte > Monk > Champion): Champions are a force to be reckoned with, possessing powerful offensive skills that can take down any foe in their path. They gain new devastating combo abilities and the power to summon spirit spheres for extra attacks.

  3. Sniper (Archer > Hunter > Sniper): Snipers are master marksmen, with enhanced offensive capabilities and the ability to lay a multitude of traps. Their Focused Arrow Strike ability allows them to perform heavy ranged damage.

  4. Minstrel / Gypsy (Archer > Bard/Dancer > Minstrel/Gypsy): Minstrels and Gypsies are talented performers who can support their allies with stat-boosting dances and songs. They also gain new powerful duets that can be performed together.

  5. High Wizard (Mage > Wizard > High Wizard): High Wizards are master spellcasters, with enhanced magical abilities. They have access to new, devastating spells and can now cast spells instantly with the Amplify Magic Power ability.

  6. Scholar (Mage > Sage > Scholar): Scholars possess a wide range of supportive abilities, from casting spells that buff allies or debuff enemies, to studying enemies to expose their weaknesses. They can also create elemental endows for weapons.

  7. Lord Knight (Swordman > Knight > Lord Knight): Lord Knights are formidable warriors with enhanced offensive capabilities. They also gain powerful new spear abilities and the ability to ride a Peco Peco for increased mobility.

  8. Paladin (Swordman > Crusader > Paladin): Paladins are the ultimate defenders, capable of withstanding the most powerful attacks and protecting their allies. They also have access to new shield abilities and holy magic.

  9. Assassin Cross (Thief > Assassin > Assassin Cross): Assassin Crosses are silent and deadly killers, capable of dual-wielding weapons and dealing swift, devastating attacks. They gain new poisoning abilities and an improved stealth mode.

  10. Stalker (Thief > Rogue > Stalker): Stalkers are elusive and cunning, with the ability to copy their enemies' abilities and use them as their own. They also gain new stealth abilities and traps.

  11. Whitesmith (Merchant > Blacksmith > Whitesmith): Whitesmiths are expert craftsmen with the ability to forge powerful weapons and armors. They also gain the power to break enemy weapons and armor, and a high damage single target skill with a coin flipping gimmick.

  12. Creator (Merchant > Alchemist > Creator): Creators are skilled in creating potions and homunculi that can aid them in battle. They gain enhanced potion creation abilities and the power to summon powerful creatures.

And here's a simple table summarizing the class progression from First Class to Transcendent Class:

First Class2-1 Class2-2 Class2-2 Transcendent Class




High Priest/Champion








High Wizard/Scholar




Lord Knight/Paladin




Assassin Cross/Stalker





It's important to note that the choice of class progression in Ragnarok Online has a significant impact on a character's abilities, skills, and playstyle. The advanced job classes offer more specialized roles and tactics, providing an array of options to suit various gameplay preferences. As a Transcendent Class, the character gains access to more powerful abilities, higher stats, and unique equipment that sets them apart from non-transcendent characters.

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