🤖Anti-Botting System

Our Anti-Botting System is a sophisticated and automated method designed to keep our game environment fair and competitive by identifying and penalizing bot users. The algorithms monitor player behavior for signs of botting, such as repetitive actions or abnormal playing hours. The system uses encryption that only web browsers can read and decrypt which is impossible for any bot to read. When the system identifies potential bot behavior, the player is teleported to a "jail" zone for a bot check.

How it works: Teleportation: The suspected player is teleported to a jail area. This area is a confined space with a Non-Player Character (NPC) moving randomly within it.

NPC Interaction: The player needs to locate the moving NPC within the jail area, approach it, and interact with it by clicking on the "Talk" option. The player movement increases in this area.

Encryption Code: Upon initiating conversation with the NPC, the player is prompted a URL to click to open a web browser. This page provides an encrypted code unique to the player's account, which they easily copy and paste in the input prompt of the NPC. There's a very low chance that it will ask for a Real-time OTP sent to your registered mobile to strengthen the security once in a while.

Verification and Return: If the entered code is correct, the player is then teleported back to their previous location in the game, allowing them to continue their gameplay.

Time Limit: Players are given a limit of 5 minutes to complete this process. But usually it only takes 10 to 15 seconds to escape the jail.

Penalties for failure to comply:

First Offense: If a player fails to complete the bot check within the given time limit, they receive a 7-hour ban, and half of items in the character's "etc" tab inventory are deleted.

Second Offense: A second failure results in a 3-day ban, and all items in the "etc" tab are deleted.

Third and Final Offense: A third failure results in a 365-day ban, and all items in the player's inventory are deleted.

Heros'/Blessing Stones and Proof of Donation are excluded in deletion punishment. The punishment counter resets every week on Sunday at 12 AM.

This anti-botting system helps maintain a fair, balanced, and authentic gaming experience by preventing botting activities. It also encourages players to engage with the game honestly and to respect the game rules.

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