📈Community Earner

We value the diverse talents and achievements of our players. That's why we have carefully designed our prize pool distribution to encompass various categories and aspects of gameplay, ensuring that every player has a chance to excel and be rewarded for their unique contributions. Whether you are a skilled PvPer, a dedicated quester, an avid collector, or a master crafter, there's a category that aligns with your main objective in the game.

Our prize pool is distributed based on a percentage allocation per category, allowing us to recognize and reward players across different playstyles and interests. We believe that the true essence of a thriving community lies in celebrating the accomplishments of all players, not just those who focus solely on competitive game advancement. By participating in our community events and engaging in various activities, you increase your chances of earning a share of the prize pool, tailored to your specific area of expertise.

Community Prizepool is 30% of Total Income of the Server on a Monthly Basis

Distribution Category

Agit Lord - 40% Guild of the Month - 15% --------------------------- PvP Ranking - 10% MvP Ranking - 10% Achievement Ranking - 10% Streamers Ranking- 10% Mayor's Investors Ranking - 5% Monstiary Ranking - 5% Distribution of Prize Pool Percentage for All Ranking Categories Rank 1. 60% of Prizepool Rank 2. 30% of Prizepool Rank 3. 10% of Prizepool Don't miss out on the chance to be recognized as one of the top contributors to our thriving community. Play, compete, and reap the rewards in Enhanced Ragnarok!

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