đŸ‘ēMVP Dashboard

This special NPC isn't just an information source, it's your strategic partner in the thrilling game of Boss hunting. At a glance, it keeps you updated on the current status of both MVP Monsters and Mini-Bosses – whether they're waiting to be challenged or have recently been vanquished.

But the MVP Dashboard doesn't stop there. It serves up detailed logs of each monster's time of death and the next anticipated spawn time, giving you the upper hand in planning your next big move. With the ability to teleport players randomly to MvP locations, it adds an element of surprise and adventure to the gameplay!

Our objective is clear – to fuel a competitive and exhilarating Boss hunting environment, one that caters to all types of players. To maintain balance, we've even included Bosses that are not PK-enabled, ensuring regular players also get to join in on the fun!

But there's more! The MVP Dashboard comes complete with a Ranking system, keeping a record of the top players in the Boss hunting league. It also maintains Monster Records, so you're always in the know about which beasts roam the lands.

Whether you prefer PvE or PvP, the MvP Dashboard promises an unforgettable gaming experience filled with intense battles, strategic gameplay, and the thrill of conquest. Prepare yourself for the ultimate test of skill and courage!

Gain access at Level 80 (Trans Class) and up!

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