🤝Party Finder

This interactive NPC helps players to find or form a party for venturing into fields, and dungeons, or searching by party ID. The NPC is visually represented as a blue book

Functionality and Features:

Party Listing: The NPC provides a list of parties with minimum of 3 Members. This list includes the party name, the party leader's name, and the number of current members. Players can choose to join any of these parties directly from this list.

Party Search: Players can search for parties on Fields, Dungeons and based on party ID available upon creation of Party.

Auto-refresh Feature: The NPC's party listing is updated in real-time, so players always have access to the most current list of parties looking for members.

Party Join Request: When a player chooses to join a party, a request is sent to the party leader. The leader can choose to accept or decline the request.

This NPC simplifies the process of party formation, making it easier for players to find and join parties that align with their gameplay preferences. It encourages group play and enhances the social aspect of the game.

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