💴In-game Currency

In the realm of our game, we have three distinct currencies that hold great significance in shaping your adventures: Zeny, Bullion, and Proof of Donation (POD) Tickets.

Zeny serves as the primary currency in the game, allowing you to purchase a wide range of items, equipment, and services. It is the backbone of the in-game economy and can be earned through various activities such as quests, trading, and defeating monsters.

Bullion, a prestigious currency, comprises two valuable forms: Ag (Silver) and Au (Gold). Each Ag Bullion is equivalent to 100,000 Zeny, representing a substantial sum of wealth. On the other hand, each Au Bullion is worth a staggering 10,000,000 Zeny. Collecting and trading Bullion not only showcases your financial prowess but also grants access to exclusive items and rare commodities that can further enhance your gameplay experience.

Lastly, we have POD Tickets, which are obtained through generous donations made to support the development and maintenance of the game. These tickets symbolize your contributions to the community and grant you special rewards and privileges. By investing in POD Tickets, you not only demonstrate your dedication to the game but also gain access to unique opportunities and benefits.

Master the art of managing Zeny, collect precious Bullion in both Ag and Au forms, and consider supporting the game through POD Tickets. These currencies hold immense value and provide you with the means to shape your journey in our immersive and ever-evolving world.

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