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With the constant development of Ragnarok Online, interaction between players has always been a focal point. We've seen additions like party systems, guilds, friends lists, and more. But, now, we're excited to introduce you to a brand new tool that makes these interactions even more engaging and rewarding - the Streamer Engine.

The Streamer Engine is designed to foster a more immersive connection between streamers and their viewers. Whether you are a seasoned streamer or a loyal viewer, you'll find a whole new layer of interactivity at your fingertips.


As a streamer, the Streamer Engine is a powerful tool that not only makes your content more engaging but also provides various rewards for you and your viewers. Here's how it works:

Start your stream: Announce your live stream in-game by entering your stream link (Facebook or Twitch). Note that you can only publish one stream every 16 hours.

Get Supplies: To help you on your journey, the Streamer Engine provides you with essential supplies such as Greed Scrolls, HP, and SP Potion Boxes, and even Battle and Job Manuals

Conduct Giveaways: You can host up to 3 giveaways per stream. Simply enter the name of the viewer you wish to reward, and they'll receive a 1D Premier Card and an Achievement Potion in their mailbox. Remember, you cannot send giveaways to your own account, and an account can only win once per stream.

End your Stream: Once your stream concludes, you can end it within the Streamer Engine. However, note that your stream should last at least 2 hours. On ending the stream, a viewer code is generated, which you can share with your audience.

Commission: As a testament to our commitment in valuing the efforts of our streamers, we believe in the power of transparency. In this menu, you will find a comprehensive list showcasing the names of players who have used their codes, along with their total earnings in real-time.


As a viewer, the Streamer Engine provides you with opportunities to earn rewards simply by watching and engaging with your favorite streamers. Here's how you can claim rewards:

Viewer Code: Once a stream ends, the streamer will provide a viewer code. Enter this code into the Streamer Engine within 30 minutes of generation to claim rewards such as Greed Scrolls, ID Lottery Tickets, and Light Red/Blue Pots.

Daily Rewards: The rewards get better the more streams you watch! With every stream you tune into, you can claim a reward tier, up to 5 tiers per day.

The Streamer Engine has been designed to bridge the gap between players and content creators, providing a fun, rewarding experience for everyone involved. Whether you're a streamer or viewer, itโ€™s time to dive in and explore the new world of interactivity that awaits you. Happy streaming and viewing!

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