Understanding the importance of economic activity in our game, we've introduced a feature that empowers our players - the Autotrade Account system. This feature is designed specifically for those who have reached the limit of accounts per mobile number but still wish to contribute to the bustling market of our game world.

An Autotrade Account is an account purely dedicated to the act of vending items. In these accounts, the job of the character is predetermined to be a merchant, capitalizing on the trading skills of this class. These accounts provide an additional platform for players to sell their items, further fueling the economic circulation within the game.

The maximum level that can be reached by characters on these accounts is level 50. This limit ensures that these accounts serve their intended purpose - to facilitate trade, rather than to partake in higher-level gameplay activities.

This system is designed to maintain a balanced environment and prevent any form of abuse or exploitation. It also helps to support a more vibrant, active marketplace, as it increases the number of potential vendors and broadens the diversity of items on offer.

Happy Trading!

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