Party Reward

Our Party Reward System is designed to promote cooperative gameplay and encourage players to form teams. This system offers a unique reward known as the Comrades Ticket, which can be obtained from defeated monsters.

Eligibility Requirements and Conditions: To qualify for the Comrades Ticket reward, players must form a party with a minimum of two members. Additionally, they must meet the following conditions:

Proximity: All members of the party must be within a 30 cell distance of each other in the game. This encourages collaborative gameplay and ensures that all members are actively participating in the battle.

Activity: All members must be online and active during the battle. Players who are offline or idle (not participating in gameplay for a certain period of time) will not be considered as contributing members for the Comrades Ticket reward.

Same Map: All party members must be in the same map area of the game. This ensures that the party is working together on the same objectives.

Reward Scaling: The Party Reward System has a scaling feature. The more members a party has, the higher the chances of receiving a Comrades Ticket from defeated monsters. This feature incentivizes larger party formations and fosters a more interactive and social gaming experience. Killing Boss Type Monster will instantly grant all party members with random amount of Comrades Ticket.

Comrades Ticket and Ticket Hub Shop: The Comrades Ticket is not just a symbol of successful cooperation; it is also a valuable in-game currency. Players can exchange these tickets at the Ticket Hub Shop for various exclusive items and rewards. This feature provides a tangible benefit for cooperative gameplay, further enhancing the party-based gaming experience. By rewarding team efforts and cooperation, our Party Reward System fosters a sense of camaraderie among players, making the gaming experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

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