📣In-game & Discord Announcement

Introducing a groundbreaking feature in Ragnarok, we now have in-game announcements for important activities, accompanied by announcements in our Discord channels. Here's what you can expect:

Buying: Whenever a player broadcasts a buying request in the #Market channel, it will also be announced in the ⁠🗣︱buying channel.

Selling: Similarly, any selling announcements made in the #Market channel will be broadcasted in the ⁠🗣︱selling channel.

Rare Drops: We will notify the community about rare drops, specifically items with a drop rate of 0.05% and below, in the dedicated ⁠🗣︱rare-drops channel.

Refine History: Each successful upgrade from +7 to +10 will be meticulously recorded and shared in the ⁠🗣︱refine-history channel.

Events Winners: records of all automated in-game events winners. ⁠🗣︱event-winners

BOT Sanction: real-time tracker of players that got punished and weekly reports of server wide sanctions. ⁠🗣︱bot-sanction

Shadow Skin: As this is one of the important objective in game. We are also recording every successful attempt on adding item options to Shadow Items. ⁠🗣︱shadow-skin With these innovative features, we aim to enhance communication and keep players well-informed about important events and transactions happening both in-game and on Discord.

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