💲Market Investment

Zeny functions as the lifeblood of our game, serving as the currency players use to drive a robust and sustainable economy. However, in the absence of a regulating body, the game's economy often fails to preserve its value. To address this, we have developed our unique Tax and Investment System, which serves as a form of economic government for the players. This community-driven initiative helps support and maintain a healthy in-game economy, with players contributing global server taxes in return for various global and individual rewards.

Objective The primary goal of Market Investment is community-wide participation to amass the required amount, either in the form of Zeny or Coins. Every player is encouraged to contribute, assisting the community in unlocking valuable rewards.

Upon reaching the required investment amount, the Mayor distributes essential in-game rewards. All players are eligible for these rewards, regardless of their individual contributions.

100% Experience Boost: Activates a 100% Experience Boost for a predetermined period. Can be claimed up to 3 times per unlocked investment.

Foods: Receive +3 All Foods. Can be claimed up to 5 times per unlocked investment. 8 hours duration.

Refine Bonus: Increases the refinement success rate of Armor or Weapons by +5%. Can be claimed up to 3 times per unlocked investment.

Refine Ticket: Offers a chance to obtain a +2 to +6 universal refine ticket, which can refine items without risk of breakage.

Top Investors Rewards In recognition of their significant contributions, the top ten investors receive additional rewards based on their ranking. This system encourages healthy competition and rewards those who contribute the most towards achieving the community's goals.

Mayor's Coin This is a certificate of investment from the Mayor's office. For every donation you make, you receive one coin. These coins can be used to unlock shadow weapon skins.

Purpose Our mission is to foster a healthy economy and provide all players with a more cohesive community, a balanced market, and access to fantastic rewards.

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