🆙Leveling Guide

Welcome to Enhanced Ragnarok: Beyond Classic! This comprehensive leveling guide will take you through the exciting journey, from the humble beginnings to the lofty heights of the game, while highlighting the unique features that make this version of Ragnarok truly stand out.

1. Level 1 - 10: Training Grounds

When you first spawn into the world of Ragnarok, you'll find yourself in the training grounds. This area is designed to help newcomers get a handle on the game's mechanics, controls, and combat systems. Use this time to familiarize yourself with the basics, complete the introductory quests, and level up your character.

2. Level 11 - 20: Starting Villages

Once you've graduated from the training grounds, head towards the starting villages like Geffen and Prontera. Here, you can take on low-level quests, battle weaker monsters, and explore the game's lore. It's also the perfect time to start your Main Quest, a unique feature in Enhanced Ragnarok that offers an immersive story experience.

3. Level 21 - 40: Fields and Dungeons

As your level rises, you'll want to venture out into the wider world. Fields surrounding the main towns and low-level dungeons, such as the Culvert and Payon Cave, will provide suitable challenges for these levels. Don't forget to collect Monster Scrolls from defeated enemies to unlock new entries in your Monstiary system!

4. Level 41 - 70: Mid-Level Areas

At these levels, you should be ready to take on tougher areas like Orc Dungeon and Glast Heim. Keep up with your Main Quest to gain a consistent source of experience and rewards. Remember, every bundle of 10 Monster Scrolls will unveil a new monster in your Monstiary, further deepening your knowledge and connection to the world.

5. Level 71 - 99: High-Level Maps

At this stage, your journey will take you to the high-exp maps like Magma Dungeon or Stick to Anubis. Make sure you're well-equipped and prepared, as these areas house some of the toughest foes in the game. With each victory, your Monstiary will continue to grow, revealing more of Ragnarok's diverse ecosystem. Reaching specific milestones of unlocked creatures will also yield significant rewards!

6. Level 100+: Endgame Content

Congratulations! You've reached the highest levels of Ragnarok. But the journey doesn't stop here. Dive into challenging endgame content such as Boss Hunts, Wars of Emperium, and the endless tower(not released yet). Continue to expand your Monstiary and complete your Main Quest to unlock the full potential of your character and the world of Enhanced Ragnarok.

Remember, the most important part of Ragnarok is to enjoy the journey. Each new level brings new challenges, new stories, and new opportunities. Explore, experience, and most of all, have fun! Welcome to Enhanced Ragnarok: Beyond Classic. Let's venture beyond the classic, together.

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