🔐In-game OTP

Our One-Time Password (OTP) System is a security measure designed to ensure the legitimacy of each player in our game environment. This system is implemented to prevent unauthorized access, and botting activities, and protect players' account information.

How it works: Initiation: When a new player creates an account and enters the game world, they start at the training ground. This is the initial safe area where new players learn about the game mechanics, complete basic quests, and level up their characters.

OTP Request: Before a player can exit the training ground and enter the main game world, they are prompted with a request to verify their identity through an OTP. This OTP is sent to provided mobile number.

Entering OTP: The player needs to enter this OTP into the game interface. This serves as proof that the player is indeed the rightful owner of the account.

Verification: The system then verifies the entered OTP. If the OTP matches the one sent to the provided mobile number, the system allows the player to proceed and exit the training ground, entering the main game world.

Failed Verification: If the OTP entered is incorrect or if the OTP is not entered within a specific time period, the OTP request is re-initiated, and a new OTP is sent to the player's mobile number. We allowed a Maximum of 2 Accounts per

Unique Player ID AND Mobile Number Succeeding accounts can still be accepted but will be converted as AUTOTRADE Accounts that can only create one merchant character with a maximum level of 50. This OTP System is a robust and secure method that we've employed to ensure player legitimacy. It helps us maintain a fair, balanced, and enjoyable gaming environment for all our players by reducing the chance of unauthorized or automated gameplay.

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